The class Nils Norman shifts perspectives of viewing in their exhibition for the Jahresausstellung 2022. With and through seating sculptures the viewer is motivated to look at their surroundings in a changed manner. With its playful attitude a participatory engagement with the artworks is provoked.



Agnes Schmid

Akari Suzuki

Alexandra Müller

Alicia Fackler

Corinna Rausch

Ditta Sarfenstein

Donika Gawaz

Ellis Princewhite

Hafez Al Moussa

Katherine Haase-Schumacher

Klara Kretzer

Lea Geerkens

Leonie Brehorst

Lukas Runge

Maria Obermeier

Paula Binder

Res Oberndörffer

Ricarda Maurizio

Ronald Thieme

Sarah John

Sophie Kuhn

Vera Brosch